Pasture Tales

These are unique reading programs where students get to select and share a book with their pony reading buddies. Each child then gets the opportunity to engage in one-on-one reading time with their special UK Shetland pony setting the foundation for a life-long love of reading. This is when the magic begins!

Image provided by Personal Ponies Ltd

Horses for Heroes

“Horses for Heroes” serves Veterans of our Armed Forces and their families by providing a family or individual a one-on-one interactive farm experience. We will also visit VA hospitals and retirement homes located in local community. – “Serving those who have served us!”

Ponies for the Young At Heart

Many of our ponies visit nursing homes or adult day care centers. Our ponies love to bring happiness to the “young at heart” and offer pony kisses. Our ponies provide joy to the residents who sometimes have great difficulty expressing themselves. And what a wonderful surprise for the grandchildren when they visit Grandma or Grandpa to find ponies! The center employees enjoy the ponies almost as much as the residents.

Image provided by Personal Ponies Ltd


Equine Assisted Services

Equine assisted counseling can target physical concerns such as behavioral tics, motor control issues, balance, posture, and coordination–especially in children and teens with cerebral palsy. In other cases, working with horses helped by increasing individuals’ cognitive skills, reducing stress, easing symptoms of PTSD, and addressing symptoms of depression. Equine therapy has even been shown to, for some individuals, have a positive effect on destructive relationship patterns that have developed or behaviors that compromise health or safety.

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding provides unique advantages to individuals with differentiated and special needs. The experience of therapeutic riding builds confidence, communication skills, motor skills, an appreciation for nature, and a love for horses.  Therapeutic riding enables individuals to experience a freedom only offered from a horse.

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Animal Assisted and Nature Aided Therapy

We have all experienced unprecedented circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic including social distancing, isolation, anxiety, fear, and anger.  Following my review of this literature, I have affirmed many of my intuitions about the importance of nature, animals, and horticulture for mental health.  During this time, we can and should connect with nature, when possible, to support our mental health and should encourage others to do so as well.

Wright, E. (2021). Using Nature, Animals, and Horticultural Therapies to Treat Trauma and Anxiety